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Sartain’s Menu brings you one of a kind sauce that blends seamlessly the tastes of ethnic eastern cooking with the flavors of the west.  If you love great food, you’ll be devouring the tasty recipes our unique sauce helps you come up with.  Read more about the mouthwatering dishes that await you with Sartain’s Menu “The Sauce”.

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The Sauce

The Sauce
  • Smokey hot chipotle peppers
  • Sweet wild mountain honey
  • Fresh garlic and golden tequila

The Marinade

The Marinade
  • Golden Chile Winner: 2004 Fiery Foods Competition
  • Made for chicken, great with pork, beef, or fish. Good taste comes home.

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We are a company founded on one concept: good flavor should be easy, flavorful and exciting.  This is not another “hot pepper and vinegar” sauce.  Our collection of flavors from Mexico and Asia are melded into something complex, truly unique and oh-so delicious.

From Mexico: we take the smoky flavor and subtle heat of chipotle peppers, a golden tequila tang and a cleansing bite of fresh lime.

From Asia: we gather spices, the salty richness of soy sauce and silky fullness of sesame oil.

We then achieve a balance between sweetness and heat by adding honey, molasses and lots of garlic for a flavor unlike anything else.

So, go ahead - broil, BBQ, bake or sauté your favoritemeat or vegetable with the sauce.  Pour on the marinade for a fast gourmet feasting.  Use our recipes to start your new taste journeys - if on your way you discover a new favorite, please share them with us.